Cross Stitch Challenge!

I’ve been working a new cross stitch challenge with the aim of 100 new designs! Follow me (@hersweetembrace) on Instagram for the latest updates!

6/100: Polly Pocket. These were my very favourite when I was a child, I had 20 over of them, but most of them have been given away now.


5/100: Russian Dolls (aka Nesting dolls)



4/100: Toy Camera. I love how this one works like a View Master. It comes with three discs that can view through the camera.



3/100: Water Ring Toss. The kind of “handheld” games I used to play, endless fun!


2/100: Etch A Sketch. I own the mini one and I love it so much that I inspired my following designs based on vintage & retro toys. This Etch A Sketch has been made into a pin and is currently available to buy from my Etsy Shop: Mini Etch A Sketch Collar Pin



1/100: Hi. A little intro of how this series all started. I did a short 7 day cross stitch challenge inspired by all things Singaporean, my home country. I loved it so much because it added a lot of freshness to my Instagram page, I’ve been getting a whole bunch of positive feedback about it, and so I am continuing with it!


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